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Welcome to the 2021


Join us on both Saturday's for a gawsh darn good time! Come on out and git yer hillbilly on.  Fellow hillbillys will compete to be the overall hillbilly champion at the end of each Saturday. Fair opens at 3pm. See each game for specific times. Cost to enter the hillbilly games is $5 per person. Play all the games once for one price. You may enter as many times as you like. 

Seed Spittin! 

Line up and try your luck at seed spittin. The hilbilly that spits that seed way up yonder will be crowned HillBilly Seed Spitter. Don't you worry about having a weak spitter, everyone walks away with a prize (just not the big one). This game runs all day


Slingshot Marshmellows

Try out those aiming skills. Red solo cups will be yer target. Get those marshmellows flying. This game runs all day

Toiletbowl Cornhole

Now we know you know how to play cornhole. Well, same rules with a twist. Yes, (cleaned) toilet bowls!  YeeHaw! registration starts at 2:30. Tournament starts 3:30


Egg Fetchun Relay

A spoon, boiled egg and a obstacle course. What else could you want on a summer day? Finish the fastest and git yer hillbilly champion prize! This game runs all day.

Hillbilly Bathtime

4 brave folks, large container of water and some feet balance. Wear those socks and shoes. Soap is not needed but you may want to bring a towl fer this'en. This game runs all day

hillybilly bath.jpg

Hillbilly Dinner Roll

One can of possum stew. We provided the possum stew so y'all don't gotta bring yers. Roll that can from your knees to those lips without using them hands. 2 people needed for this game, so bring a friend. This game runs all day

Hillbilly Eating Contest

We will have 3 catergories:

Beenie Weenie Eatin'

Face stuffin' twinkies

Pucker up for pickled eggs

Registration starts at 4:00

Contest begin at 4:30

Pickled egg.JPG

Hillbilly Idol

This is your chance to shine! Pick your best hillbilly song (excluding them bad words. We got younguns runnin round).


This is not karaoke so make sure you know them words. 

Background music will not be provided during auditions. However you are allowed to bring your own instrument such as guitar, harmonica, toof pick, spoons etc... (unplugged)

Judges will eliminate folks one by one until we crown our one and only Hillbilly Idol!

Auditions will be held 3:00-6:00. Finalists will compete at 7:00. 

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