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Catfish Races are BACK!

Winner for 2019...
Reptile Passions

Catfish Races will be held on
June 23-24, 2023
@ approximately 6:00 pm

What are catfish races? 

Catfish races are, well in a word, FUN!  But here is how it all works. Sponsor a Catfish and then on the day of the race, once you arrive, you/your team will strategically pick out your catfish from the catfish pool. Of  course this catfish will be the fastest catfish of all.  

The catfish are then placed in a run and when released the catfish will race to the end of the run. The first catfish to touch the other end of the run is the winner of that heat.

A person will sit at the end of each tank and raise their flag once the catfish touches its nose to the end of the tank. Flags begin going up as fast so keep your eyes open. At that time a winner is announced for that heat.

The person of the winning fish gets various prizes/trophies.

Anyone can enter the races simply by sponsoring a fish for a twenty-five dollar fee. You can appoint a stand-in or actually handle your own catfish. Businesses can form teams and cheer their fish, to varying degrees of success!

There will be 6 runs so 6 fish can compete at a time.  If there are more than 12 entries in the first round we have a second round to determine the winner.  We will have as many rounds as necessary to determine one fish as the winner. The final winner will receive a trophy to commemorate their victory. 

Sponsoring a catfish is not only FUN but helps local non profits raise much needed money. Each catfish sponsored automatically gives non profits money in their pockets. Click HERE for details on how the catfish races benefit local non profits. 

Want to sponsor a catfish? 


2022 Catfish  Race Lineup

Coming Soon

Participating Non Profits
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Thank you to our sponsors
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